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East Usambara Conservation Area Management Programme (EUCAMP)

The East Usambara Conservation Area Management Programme (EUCAMP) is implemented by the Forestry and Beekeeping Division, Ministry of Tourism, Natural Resources and Environment, United Republic of Tanzania, and co-financed by the Department for Development Cooperation Ministry for Foreign Affairs, The Republic of Finland. The supporting services are provided by Metsähallitus - Forest and Park Service.

For more information, visit http://www.usambara.com/ or http://www.metsa.fi/eng/tat/usambara/

EUCAMP Project Manager, Mr. Evarist Nashanda, nashanda@twiga.com
EUCAMP Chief Technical Adviser,
EUCAMP Social Forestry Adviser, Ms. Taina Veltheim, taina@twiga.com
EUCAMP general email address, usambara@twiga.com

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